How to Buy Weed in East Africa


East African countries have great internet but you won’t find local dispensaries on your weed apps. That’s because it’s still illegal and prominent brands such as WeedMaps don’t want to get in trouble with international laws. Is it possible to smoke weed and enjoy your stay?

Here’s how to do it the smart way.

Buying Weed in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

1. What Should I expect?

90% of the weed you’ll come across is in the form of pre rolled joints. In Nairobi, price varies from 10 to 100 shillings. You’ll come across strains from central or western Kenya within an affordable range of 10-40 shillings. Dealers roll them in regular size papers.

If you’re paying 50 shillings or more for a joint, that’s because it’s a premium variety. There’s plenty of Ethiopian Shashamane, Malawian Gold, and South Africa highlands strains if you know the right people. These top-tier dealers often have edibles, ounces and can get you Backwoods in Kenya.

Uganda has great local sativas but most people in Kampala prefer smoking weed from Ethiopia. Just like Kenya, 9 out of 10 dealers will offer you pre rolls.

2. How do I get a genuine dealer that won’t rip me off?

Before your arrival

Getting a good dealer before you touch down reduces the chances of getting ripped off. Does this mean you can ask your travel agency to score an ounce of bud? Absolutely not! Here’s how to do it the right way….

Connect on Duby

Duby is a great social media app for ganja lovers. Just like MassRoots (which is currently in limbo), it uses GPS to display a member’s current location. Once you sign up, search for members who come from the country you’re visiting. 

Facebook groups

Facebook has made it way easier to get weed than it was a decade ago. All you have to do is search for cannabis groups or pages related to your destination. For instance, when you search “weed in kenya” here’s what you’ll get

Buying Weed in Kenya

A word of advice

Make sure your connect sends you pictures of the bud you’re about to buy. Also, don’t send the full amount you’ve agreed upon until the transaction is complete. Be smart and buy your green in total privacy, ideally in your hotel room. 

After your arrival

Let’s assume you got so excited visiting East Africa for the first time that you forgot to get a good connect using Duby or Facebook. The good news is you still have a good chance of scoring weed. On the other hand, you might encounter language barriers especially if your vacation is somewhere remote. 

Another thing is you won’t have a chance to compare the product and prices. This might make you feel like you’re getting a bad deal and in most cases it is because you’ll have to rely on a middleman. 

Who can get you some weed in this situation?

  1. Hotel security

Approximately 70% of East Africa’s population is below 35 years of age. That’s why you’ll notice plenty of young faces everywhere. Also, people here are very friendly and hotel security guards won’t frown if you ask them to score some weed for you. 

  1. Beach boys

When you’re visiting Kenya or Tanzania’s ocean beaches, you’ll spot several young men selling beaded jewelry. You can distinguish them by their dreadlocks and flashy style. These guys will sell you jewelry as well as supply the best coconut wine and weed. 

  1. Escorts

Nowadays, you can get escorts to your apartment or hotel room by going online. Online escorts in East Africa are well mannered compared to street hookers. You can just ask them to get you some weed while on the way to your place and it won’t be an issue. 

3. Where can I smoke without constantly looking over my shoulder?

While possession and consumption of marijuana is illegal, you can puff away in certain areas without worrying about cops or snitches. 

Short stay apartments

Short stay apartments are usually situated in affluent areas of major cities. Here, security guards give you lots of privacy and respect. You can smoke in your private balcony or at the rooftop as long as you tip the guard.

Hotel rooms

Just like short stay apartments, you’ll enjoy VIP treatment from hotel security and staff. However, smoking in a hotel room requires a degree of caution. Smoking in the morning is risky because guests walking to the dining area can catch a whiff and report you. Also, you don’t want the housekeeper to catch you red handed.

The best time to smoke is usually in the afternoon and late night. Most of the guests are out and about so you won’t worry about snitches. Also, housekeeping won’t pop up in your room after morning cleanup. 

Rental Cars

People here are friendly but most taxi drivers don’t like customers smoking weed in their cars. The best alternative is getting a rental so you can smoke at your own convenience. 

6  Risky Places to Get Caught Smoking

The following areas in this list are always packed with undercover police. 

1. Central business district 

2. In the Uber  

3. In the club  

4. When stuck in traffic 

5. Public parks

6. At the beach 

 Buying weed in East Africa is easy

Now you know how to buy weed in East Africa without getting ripped off. Follow these rules and you’ll have a memorable stay in this beautiful region.

3 thoughts on “How to Buy Weed in East Africa

  1. Hi, great info keep up the good work. I’ll be arriving in Nairobi in September from London and I’ll like to sample the best Sativa buds Kenya has to offer… I’m looking for very good quality weed and cost is not an issue as long as the quality of the weed is top notch the price is irrelevant I’m willing to pay. I’ve traveled to Madrid, Spain, Amsterdam, Turkey, New York etc sampling the finest herbs I can get now that I’m arriving in Africa the motherland I want to make it a memorable weed experience. Do you have a contact detail so i can contact you for some advice and help I’ll make it worth your while, I’m on Duby my username is: thchronic. Thanks

    Keep it lit


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