East Africa Genes

East Africa is largely unexplored despite it being home to man’s ancestor-the Homo Habilis. In fact, 95% of renowned seedbanks are clueless about Cannabis landrace strains growing in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Did you know that East Africa sits right on the equator? This geographical advantage makes it possible for weed to thrive due to optimum weather conditions. Also, the courageous growers ,constantly hiding from law enforcement and snitching neighbors, plant seeds passed down from one generation to the next. This practice keeps the genetics pure


  • 90-95% of the weed consumed in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania (East Africa) is cultivated by small scale farmers. The limited resources enable them to grow weed organically from seed to harvest.
  • Countries in East Africa enjoy 30% more sunlight than the rest of the world. This advantage is the reason why there plenty of Sativa varieties in any country.
  • All the weed is grown outdoors

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