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Here’s an informative section where you’ll learn all about cannabis sativa varieties from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania


Migori sativa

This is a mild sativa that’s grown in Kenya for several decades. Western Kenya have a vibrant bull fighting culture. Before the matches, farmers usually mix pounds of this strain together with napier grass and feed it to the bulls. Doing this makes the bulls fight aggressively.

Migori Sativa

$50 for 15 seeds

Isibania Sativa
Isibania is a lively town that’s full of wildlife and people from East Africa since it’s a border town.

Isibania Sativa has dark green buds and has a masala aroma. It’s an ideal daytime strain to keep you highly focused on achieving your goals

Isibania sativa

$50 for 15 seeds

Kambi Sativa

This sativa found in Eastern Kenya is ideal for daytime use. It carries a unique mixture of earthy and citrus flavors.

$50 for 15 seeds

Kisumu Sativa
Kisumu is a famous tourist destination thanks to its flamboyance and diverse wildlife.

This is a sativa I’ve being getting consistently since 2018. It’s light green and you might notice small reddish hairs. The taste is a blend of strong cypress and earth flavors.

Read more About Kisumu Sativa’s Medical Use

$50 for 15 seeds

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Kwale Sativa

$50 for 15 seeds

Mombasa 1 sativa grows in Kwale, a small agricultural town located in the south on Kenya-Tanzania border. It produces dense nugs and you can smoke it to boost creativity.


For orders on any of these strains, send an email to mantkago@gmail.com

Birere Sativa
Birere is an eastern town near Lake Victoria. Most of the weed is grown in between corn plantations since the main economic activities are fishing and subsistence farming.

It has dark green buds and matures after 5 months in the east African climate. It takes a little longer to kick in but when it does, the celebral high makes it worth the wait

$50 for 15 seeds

Nimule Sativa

Grows in northern Uganda near South Sudan border. The climate temperature ranges between 26-29 degrees Celsius .

Nimule Sativa takes 5-6 months to grow. As you smoke, you’ll feel a pleasant buzz radiates from the forehead

$50 for 15 seeds


Moshi sativa

I obtained this strain from a Tanazanian friend of mine. He gets it directly from growers and moves it across the border frequently. The buds are dense and large compared to the other strains.

Taste – Has a strong taste that almost smells like cypress trees.

Effects: when smoked, Moshi Sativa creates an airy feeling inside the head while stimulating the mind. You’ll feel the entire body getting refreshed just like stepping out of a cold shower.

$50 for 15 seeds

Kilimanjaro Sativa

Kilimanjaro Sativa from Tanzania

It comes from northern Tanzania near the famous area. Since it’s highly illegal in East Africa, all ganja farmers here do guerrilla cultivation.

Taste – It has a strong earthy taste and smells somewhat sour.

Effect on body: After smoking a few hits, I feel a strong buzz that’s centered around my face. My torso also feels lighter and so does the mind. You can use it during the afternoon to boost concentration.

$50 for 15 seeds


$50 for 15 Seeds

The famous Shashamane Sativa from Ethiopia is one of the best landrace sativas in Africa. It’s potency and flavors closely resembles Lamb’s Bread. Read more about Shashamane…

Malawi Gold

$50 for 15 Seeds

This famous strain is definitely one of the best African landrace sativa. It’s sweet citrus taste and strong euphoric high make it highly sought after in East Africa

For orders on any of these strains, send an email to mantkago@gmail.com

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