Ethiopian Sativa Hash

Ethiopia is blessed to have one of the best landrace sativa strains in Africa.  The Rastafari community in Shashamene, located 161 miles south of Addis Ababa deserves credit for the cultivation and genetic preservation of Shashamane sativa. Thanks to them, I can share my experience making and smoking Ethiopian sativa hash.

Despite the abundance of diverse landrace sativas in East Africa, there’s hardly any consumption or manufacturing of hashish. Perhaps it’s due to the conservative approach towards cannabis since a majority of consumers still believe the “Reefer Madness” propaganda.

Here’s my experience with Ethiopian sativa hash….

Extracting Kief from Shashamane Sativa

The Rastafarians growing this tasty and highly potent sativa ensure that the harvested buds are properly dried and cured. I put an ounce of Shashamane inside a 500ml glass jar then shut the lid and let it stay overnight in my fridge. Since this was my first time, I was worried that mold might affect my buds due to the freezing temperature.

Shashamane sativa from Ethiopia

Fortunately, my fear never materialized! The buds were fresh and I could see little trichomes all over the green. It took me a few minutes to grind the bud and extract the kief from a simple four-layer grinder.

Melting Kief Into Ethiopian Sativa Hash

My effort produced approximately four grams of kief smelling so sweet that I was tempted to roll it up all at once in a joint. The citrus/lemon flavor is accompanied by a spicy smell that’s similar to tea masala.

Shashamane Sativa Hash
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After putting the kief inside a square piece of baking paper, I folded it several times and then placed it inside a khaki envelope.  Next step was using a regular clothing iron set at “Cotton” to melt and press the kief on both sides. I quickly took out the baking paper and unfolded it to find a dark rectangular piece of kief that was as malleable as a stick of gum

I folded my freshly pressed kief then resumed melting and pressing. To exert pressure evenly, I refolded the kief again and then placed it under a five-gallon jerry-can filled with water. After giving it a couple of minutes to cool down, I unfolded the baking paper cautiously, not knowing what to expect.

Fortunately, my first attempt at making Ethiopian sativa hash was a success!

It’s Time To Smoke Ethiopia Sativa Hash

Google suggested several methods used for smoking hashish but I wasn’t about to use hot knives. I cut a little strip of hash using a pair of scissors and then broke it into small bits. Next, I ground some buds, then threw in the hash and rolled a joint.

Hashish from Ethiopia Sativa
It came out amazing!

My king-size joint lasted about 20 minutes thanks to the slow-burning but tasty hash. I had to pause in between hits because of the fast and heavy-hitting THC. It’s the kind of high that provides tranquility to the body but also stimulates daydreaming and giggling. 

Bong Hits

While smoking the hash joint, I also noticed that the flavors weren’t as strong as I expected. The smoke billowing from my joint had an intense pleasant aroma which I was hoping to taste while puffing. Fortunately, I had other means to smoke my Ethiopian sativa hash.

I ground a couple of buds then cut another strip of hash. This mixture made a nice green bowl as I filled my 12-inch glass bong with cold water. I took a deep breath as I lit the hemp wick ready to take a bong hit. The smoke felt mild at first then got intense as the flame hovered around my bowl. My lungs were on fire and I instantly got high like never before.

A Pleasant Experience

Ethiopian sativa hash is tasty, especially when the blunt or joint has a glass tip. The high is intense and lasts for about two hours. What I enjoy the most is the giggles and pleasant aroma produced by this amazing cannabis concentrate.

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