First Time Growing Shashamane Sativa

One of the reasons I hold Shashamane sativa in high regard is because it produces strong stimulating and energizing cerebral effects, similar to a cold shower in the morning. This landrace sativa from Ethiopia also produces a good amount of kief and makes some unforgettable and highly potent hash. In addition, the buds have suchContinue reading “First Time Growing Shashamane Sativa”

Ethiopian Sativa Hash

Ethiopia is blessed to have one of the best landrace sativa strains in Africa.  The Rastafari community in Shashamene, located 161 miles south of Addis Ababa deserves credit for the cultivation and genetic preservation of Shashamane sativa. Thanks to them, I can share my experience making and smoking Ethiopian sativa hash. Despite the abundance ofContinue reading “Ethiopian Sativa Hash”

6 Million Dollars to Legally Grow Cannabis in Uganda

It’s always a pleasant surprise whenever a conservative country lets go of outdated ways of thinking and embraces cannabis for mass production. Uganda surprised fellow African nations in 2019 by becoming the fourth country to legalize the mass production and export of medical cannabis. After a series of parliamentary debates and meetings with lobbyists, theContinue reading “6 Million Dollars to Legally Grow Cannabis in Uganda”

Powerful Countries Used These 4 Tactics to Make Weed Illegal

Several anthropologists in the past decade have discovered cannabis residue on ancient Jewish altars. Europeans living in the 11th century used marijuana as an aesthetic for toothaches. How come our ancestors got along well with cannabis but our generation deemed it illegal? Let’s find out. Origins of Cannabis 1. Central Asia Getty Images Scientific analysisContinue reading “Powerful Countries Used These 4 Tactics to Make Weed Illegal”

How Kisumu Residents Are Tapping Into Marijuana’s Healing Properties

Kisumu has established itself as a tourist attraction that was once a humble fishing town by the shores of Lake Victoria. It’s also the only place where residents use cannabis to treat Chickenpox, Dysentery, Measles & Rabies. Does this treatment work effectively?  Is medical cannabis legal In Kenya? The cultivation or use of marijuana inContinue reading “How Kisumu Residents Are Tapping Into Marijuana’s Healing Properties”

Could Shashamane Sativa be The Rare Lambs Bread?

Shashamane sativa from Ethiopia is really popular in East Africa. Some seasoned stoners even rank it at the same level as Malawi Gold. Well, is this strain a true landrace of Abyssinia or did the Jamaicans invited by Haile Selassie introduce it in East Africa? What is Lamb’s Bread? When Bob Marley released Ganja GunContinue reading “Could Shashamane Sativa be The Rare Lambs Bread?”

Is Africa’s Weed Trash?

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Western nations have compensated unfavorable climatic conditions for growing outdoor weed with science. Advanced genetics makes it possible to develop strains possessing THC levels almost double what you’d find in Africa. Does this mean Africa is smoking reggie? What defines good weed? 1. THC content GorillaContinue reading “Is Africa’s Weed Trash?”

How to Buy Weed in East Africa

East African countries have great internet but you won’t find local dispensaries on your weed apps. That’s because it’s still illegal and prominent brands such as WeedMaps don’t want to get in trouble with international laws. Is it possible to smoke weed and enjoy your stay? Here’s how to do it the smart way. BuyingContinue reading “How to Buy Weed in East Africa”